Teacher’s Day Celebration 2016

On behalf of all parents, the PTA in partnership with our dedicated parent volunteers, is proud to organize the annual Teachers’ Day Celebrations in honor of all the wonderful teachers and school administrators of SMPS, who selflessly dedicate their time and effort to nurture our girls. Each year, fun celebration themes are chosen annually and this in turn determine how the teachers dress up for the occasion!  This year’s chosen theme is DENIM- as everyone could have guessed by the array of Bikers and Cowboys milling about. Big round of applause to all the sporting teachers whom dressed up for the occasion!

Preparations for the event began with sourcing and forming a home-made Lavender organic extra cold-pressed coconut sea salt scrub production line, which were our humble gift for the teachers this year. We wanted some little pampering and relaxing me time for the teachers after a hard days work. The hall was decorated with handmade paper flowers with messages penned by the girls during our weekly Tuesdays ArtNCraft in the library during recess time.









20160831_153909 20160831_155108








Here are the stars of the day – the teachers :


20160901_112107 20160901_111751









…and our talented children, who were eager to put up their best performance :










The messages of thanks from the children spoke for themselves :










Of course, Teachers’ Day wouldn’t be complete without a cake cutting ceremony. Even the cake was dressed in denim. ( Cake courtesy of PV Vivian and PV Eilin )

On behalf of all parents, the PTA would like to wish all teachers a happy Teacher’s Day !