Green Dot Day 2015

The Green Dot Day this year took place on 1st August at the premises of St. Margaret’s Secondary School (SMSS). Preparation for this exciting event started as early as in the beginning of the school calendar year involving idea creation, brainstorming and logistics co-ordination. All these were done with the intent to bring the theme of ‘Family Fitness & Fun’ come alive for our girls.

There were a lot of activities lined up in store for the girls and their families…games, lucky draw, sale of cotton candies, school-branded merchandisers and ice-cream, and the main highlights of the day… K-Pop & Zumba! All profits from sale of tickets and items from food and merchandise booths have been allocated to the Students Assistance Fund (SAF).

Though the day started off wet from the heavy downpour in the morning, that didn’t stop the hundreds of students and their families fromenjoying the fun, sweat and laughter till mid day!

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