About PTA

St. Margaret’s Primary School – Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

The PTA is a volunteer organization that strives to enhance and enrich the SMPS experience for students and their families. Membership is open to any parent and costs only $10/year. Through our Plans, Programmes and Events, the PTA aims to bring value to parents, students, teachers as well as promote a spirit of community within the SMPS family. PTA has also a fundraising and support-function, which is for children under FAS.


PTA Purposes

a) To Promote mutual understanding and co-operation between parents and teachers of the School.

b) To assist in Co-curricular activities and generally in matters concerning the welfare of the students. Provided that the activities of the Association shall not be contrary to the law in relation to education and shall not infringe upon the responsibility of the Board of Management of the School for the superintendence, control and administration of the School and its property and affairs.


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote understanding and co-operation between parents and teachers of the school, and to assist in matters concerning the welfare of the students.

Our Vision is to be an organization of ‘action’, dynamism and ‘service’ to our members and our mission, with the aim to unleashing each child’s full potential. We shall be such organization by constantly challenging ourselves for improvement.


Why Join the PTA?

Joining the Parent Teacher Association allows your own, and other children benefiting from your positive participation. We welcome all parents to join us with whatever little time they can spare. We would like parents to take a part in shaping our children’s learning. There is also more that you can expect through joining the PTA; get connected, volunteering opportunities for a noble cause, be a role model. By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on her education. It’s also a way for you to stay abreast of the resources, plans & programmes PTA offers for parents and students.

To become a member in PTA please download the application form from the membership section of our site.